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[edit] Overview

MPC8568E family consists of the MPC8568E and the MPC8567E. Both are offered in a 1023-pin FC-BGA package for pin compatibility. MPC8568E PowerQUICC™ III family is designed to address the increasing performance requirements for broadband access equipment including 3G/WiMAX/LTE base stations, RNC’s, gateways and ATM/TDM/IP equipment. The MPC8568E enables both IP and multi-protocol solutions, combining a high-performance e500 processor core, built on Power Architecture™ technology, scaling up to 1.33 GHz with a flexible communications engine and highspeed system interfaces, enabling customers to handle many functions in a single chip solution that otherwise would require multiple devices.

MPC8568E provides multi-protocol support for both protocol termination and interworking for a wide range of communication protocols, including ATM, POS, Ethernet, PPP, HDLC and TDM—allowing the flexibility necessary for broadband access devices. Two enhanced Gigabit Ethernet ports, PCI Express® and Serial RapidIO® interconnect technology enables high-speed links to industry-wide switches, field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and digital signal processors (DSPs). An integrated security engine supports common encryption algorithms, including the Kasumi algorithm needed for 3G wireless security.

[edit] Getting Started with MPC8567/MPC8568

[edit] MPC8567/MPC8568 FAQs

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MPC8567/MPC8568 FAQs

[edit] Useful Documentation

Please click on here to see the list of available documentation on MPC8567/MPC8568 processor.

[edit] MPC8567/MPC8568 Distinctive Features, Block Diagram & Target Applications

[edit] MPC8567/MPC8568 Distinctive Features

  • High level of integration and performance, simplifying board design
  • Consistent programming model across the PowerQUICC III family of processors
  • Flexible system-on-chip (SoC) platform can help improve time to market
  • 90 nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology
  • Enhanced high-performance e500 core
  • 512 KB L2 cache
  • High internal processing bandwidth
  • Integrated DDR/DDR2 memory controller
  • Two integrated Triple Speed Ethernet Controllers (enhanced TSEC)
  • Advanced QUICC Engine™ technology supports a wide range of protocols and associated interworking
  • TLU provides off-load for table search functions associated with IP forwarding, firewall and Access Control List (ACL) applications
  • Flexible high-speed interconnect interfaces
  • Serial RapidIO interconnect technology
  • PCI Express support
  • PCI and local bus interface support
  • Integrated security engine

MPC8568E blk diag.jpg

[edit] MPC8567/MPC8568 Target Applications

Industrial Digital Voice POS printer

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