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[edit] Welcome to Freescale Wiki Site

Freescale Wiki provides useful “how to” and FAQ information not available on Freescale websites or Freescale forums.

Below link provides useful design resource for Freescale Power Architecture® product designers and users.

The wiki is currently limited to the Power Architecture family. For information on all other product lines please visit or

[edit] Freescale's Power Architecture Family

Power Architecture technology surrounds you with high-performance processors that enhance your daily life. Networks and telecommunications systems use these highly integrated devices to transfer countless emails, voice conversations and music downloads. Most of the cars parked outside your door use Power Architecture technology to control power trains, safety systems and in-dash equipment. Jumbo jets, airport traffic control and unmanned defense systems use it for reliable operation under the harshest conditions imaginable. Banks trust this technology with your money and hospitals trust it with your life.

Freescale’s portfolio of products built on Power Architecture technology ranges from very high-performance multicore processors, found in complex aerospace applications, to high-precision microcontrollers for advanced motor control—and everything in between.

Power Architecture technology is designed for scalability and software compatibility across generations and sub-families to help simplify customer migration and reduce costs. Multiprotocol support and connectivity to a wide variety of interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, CAN and multiple serial channels increase versatility. The platforms that make up the portfolio of products built on Power Architecture technology include: 1) QorIQ Communications Platforms, 2) PowerQUICC Communications Processors and MobileGT Processors, 3) Host Processors, 4) PX Series Microcontrollers, 5) Qorriva Microcontrollers

This site is currently designed to be an online guide and design resource for all Power Architecture products, applications and associated software. Through this site, we intend to provide Freescale Power Architecture product users with useful “how to” information on Power Architecture products and a helpful forum with answers to frequently asked questions about popular Power Architecture products. We also intend for this wiki to become a collaborative community for its users. We encourage you to use the product platform tabs below to browse through various product pages and to get acquainted with the structure and content of this wiki site while we update it.

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